Smoke-Free Facility

Smoking or the use of E-cigarettes / Vaporizers is not permitted anywhere on Wynn Park Villa’s property by residents or visitors. Visitors and family members of Wynn Park Villa must refrain from smoking or using e-cigarettes anywhere in the building or on the grounds.

Employees of Wynn Park Villa may smoke or use E-cigarettes / Vaporizers in the designated outside area. The Designated outside area is recognized as the small green shed accessible though the staff parking lot.

Scent Reduced Facility

At Wynn Park Villa we are very committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. Many people, including residents, visitors and staff, are sensitive and/or have allergies to a variety of fragrances and scents. Therefore, we ask that all residents and family members and staff members refrain from using or wearing scented personal care products such as perfume, cologne, deodorants, creams, aftershave, or scented hair spray, when on Wynn Park Villa premises.

While some scented products may continue to be used, every effort will be made by Wynn Park Villa to select and use low-scent or non-scented products, if available, in keeping with this commitment.

Least Restraint Policy

Wynn Park Villa supports a resident’s dignity and independence by allowing them to make choices and encouraging them to participate in their care. We believe that all residents should enjoy the freedom of movement.

However, there are residents who require assistive devices to ensure their safety or the safety of others. In these cases, the resident is assessed for this need and the type of device required by the Occupational Therapist (OT), Physiotherapist (PT) or Nurse in Charge. The substitute decision maker will be notified for approval for the use of a device and must sign a least restraint consent form prior to the use of any safety device. If a resident requires a safety device the least restrictive method of restraint possible is used for the shortest period to effectively meet the resident’s needs.

Fire Safety

Wynn Park Villa is equipped with a comprehensive fire alarm system to ensure the protection of the residents, staff, volunteers and visitors. Fire drills are conducted monthly to ensure the efficiency of our system, as well to keep our staff and residents informed and prepared for any emergency.

Emergency Notification System (CAREQ)

The CAREQ Emergency Notification System is an emergency communication system comprised of voice, text and email technologies. It will allow us to communicate with you via text, phone, email or all three—depending on which mode of communications are most convenient for you. Through CAREQ, we can send you information about any facility emergencies that could affect your loved one.

Secured Units

Two of our three units here at Wynn Park Villa are considered secured units, meaning they must be opened by a code to enter or exit. This is to prevent wandering and the potential of getting lost or hurt if unaccompanied by a staff member or visitor. We ask that family or visitors always let a nurse know if they are taking a resident off the unit or out of the building. We also ask that Visitors sign residents out at the front desk when leaving the building.

Fully Fenced Courtyard, accessible to both secured units.

Fall Prevention Program

Upon admission a fall risk assessment will be completed to determine what level of risk a resident is for falling. Our staff are very committed to preventing falls altogether however accidents do happen and if a resident does fall, there is immediate action taken. A post fall assessment is completed to determine what contributing factors may have been. The resident is immediately referred to the Physiotherapist for assessment and instruction for the best possible recovery is given to staff.